Just a word about the drawings below. They are here for your convenience to use for building projects with TL Shield and Associates and include at this time our modular elevators through Modular Elevator Manufacturing. They can be used for the planning stages for projected projects or for projects we have been specified for as well. We want this to be an easy part of what you are doing! That is why we have them readily available.

If you run into any difficulties opening or downloading them contact your sales representative for the drawings you need.

Also, if you have a project that needs drawings for home elevators, stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, dumbwaiters or Invisible Lifts please access them through your sales representative or project manager. Keep in mind that these are not the only drawings we have available.

TL Shield will provide you everything you need as we are the vertical transportation specialists.  


Title File
Complete Standard Hoistway Drawing Set Download
Duplex35 Download
HW-1 2000R Left Hand Download
HW-1 2000R Right Hand Download
HW-1 2500 Left Hand Download
HW-1 2500 Right Hand Download
HW-2 3000 Left Hand Download
HW-2 3000 Right Hand Download
HW-2 3500 Left Hand Download
HW-2 3500 Right Hand Download
HW-3 3000GR Left Hand Download
HW-3 3000GR Right Hand Download
HW-3 3500G Left Hand Download
HW-3 3500G Right Hand Download
HW-3 4000 Left Hand Download
HW-3 4000 Right Hand Download
HW-3 5000 Download