The purpose of this blog is to give general information regarding all things vertical transportation. For the homeowner that means anything from wheelchair lifts to stairlifts, dumbwaiters to elevators will be discussed. For the construction professional that means you will glean important information about vertical transportation and how we make your job easier.

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Modular Quality Matters

Here are 6 Reasons Quality Matters – At TL Shield quality matters and we do not think “close enough” is good enough. We know that low-quality has a cost…find out more.

People Stuck in the Elevator – What Do I Do

What should be done if you are in charge of a building and people get stuck in the elevator? This article answers that question and more.


Elevator 101 – Are you confused as to what elevator terms mean? Here’s a list of terms and links explained for everyone. Click for more.

Project Management – The Change Problem

We take project management seriously and your assigned project manager is not a neophyte in the elevator business. …find out how this helps you!

Confusing Elevator Talk – Diagnosis Jargon

Confusing Elevator Talk – In a recent Zoom conference with an architect, a simple question was posed, “Are elevators confusing on purpose?” The question made me stop in my tracks.

Just the Facts on Modular Elevators

When it comes to the elevator business however….
being a neophyte is far from wonderful or adorable. Elevators, need I remind people, are serious.

Elevators Per Building A Personal Guide

My personal list of determining the number of elevators per building. Artchitects place the elevators early.This guide will help you know how many.

Ups and Downs of Hydraulic Elevators

Hydraulic elevators are often the best option for home units to commercial use.. Read the whole article for great info on hydraulic elevators.