Sometimes seeing is more valuable than reading a webpage, blog post or hearing a description. Below you will find several videos of modular elevators from MEM. You can see for yourself how easy it is to have a fully installed elevator set in place in a couple hours. That’s right a commercial quality elevator in place ready for start up.

If seeing is appealing to you, you can schedule a live virtual tour of our facility by click the button below. If you have a project in mind just click the FAST TRACK QUOTE button and get started today. It is time to join the revolution!

Video Descriptions

Upper Left – Modular construction is a perfect application of MEM elevators. Seen in this wonderful modular project from our friends at Pacific West Builders. You will notice the modular elevator go in at :24 on the right. At :59 a modular elevator goes in on the left. It was used as the construction elevator as well.

Upper Middle – Here is just a real quick video on one of our latest installations. In this particular project multiple elevators were requested. We placed 2 fully installed elevators in about 4 hours. More about this project.

Upper Right – This is the first ride up! Set and ready to go on time and on budget. More about this project.

Lower Left – Here are pictures of a handful of the hundreds of projects we have completed. Modular elevators are the future as an unconventional elevator company. We are ready to quote you FastTrack numbers for any project. Join the revolution.

Lower Middle – Sets at anytime during the build freeing you from the elevator delays providing a faster ROI.

Lower Right – Retrofit that works. Too often elevators can cause headaches when it comes to retrofit projects. MEM has saved any number of building through placing a modular unit inside or outside of the building.