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MEM Provides Durable Cab Design

Depending on the application an elevator cab may need to be extremely durable in the way it is made. It may also need to be outfitted with fixtures and a design that will impede or reduce possibilities of vandalism. Lastly, surveillance of the elevator cab is often a necessity as a warning against inappropriate behavior and as a way to visually see what is going down while the elevator is going up. MEM has a solution for all three circumstances.

First, regarding durability MEM cabs are made of strong 14g Galvaneal walls and the platform is 12g. Galvaneal is the preferred material for professional construction and commercial quality elevators for good reason. Its strength to weight ratio is vastly better than other materials including particle board. You may not think that the material used for the cab matters much because they can appear to be the same…until you have a mold problem or a broken pipe that leads to a waterfall into the elevator hoistway. One real life example of how going cheap on the cab can hurt your building project was demonstrated when a construction worker left the elevator door open and exposed one night on a competitor’s cheap wood core model and it rained.

The simple accident led to delays and hundreds of dollar of repairs. Even the interior panels swelled and warped beyond use. This is because particle board (no matter what acronym they use to describe it) is a wood substitute made from sawdust or wood chips and glue. When particleboard gets wet, it can swell or even disintegrate. That is not what you want to hear about your elevator cab.

Also, if sustainable construction is your goal, steel is a much better alternative. During the construction of your cab if particle board is used there is scrap and lots of it. That scrap contains certain chemicals that can be hazardous if not handled properly. This makes recycling difficult and some jurisdiction do not accept it at all as a recyclable material because it can contaminate other wood products. The problem is the use of urea formaldehyde in the glue, a primary component of particle board. It is a toxic substance that can be released during sanding or cutting. Good to know if you have to replace sections that get wet in your cab. Formaldehyde can cause eye and lung irritation, so respirators and safety goggles are required equipment when cutting or sanding.

If a particle board cab is the offer from another company, lookout! It may not be a true commercial-quality product. This warning is especially true in humid areas of the country or when the product is not in a climate controlled situation.

Second, MEM elevators can be equipped with fixtures and buttons that are tough, but still meet all required standards. They can also be produced with an interior finish that reduces the impact of vandalism. Elevator buttons get a lot of abuse, but some high-traffic areas get more than others. Parking garages, some schools and apartment complexes and more remote locations often face an onslaught of abuse. So, depending on your needs and location we can provide solutions to help.

This does not mean that the fixtures are not stylish or don’t meet the design requirements for any job you have in mind. They can be in square or round buttons in the cab or hall call and be in a multitude of colors and finishes.

Depending on traffic and use, diamond plate flooring may be needed and a random grind pattern design will help hide minor scratches and make cleaning up vandalism easier and faster. It is important to remember that vandalism is excluded in elevator maintenance contracts, so a little prevention can go a long way to reducing operating costs.

Lastly, We are not a security camera company, however we work with them all of the time. That means MEM elevators can be produced in the factory that can accommodate video surveillance equipment and systems. This helps you avoid the cost and headache of additional construction surrounding surveillance equipment. Cameras are a deterrent according to a leading elevator publication, Elevator World so if vandalism is a concern, it would be a good idea to work with an elevator company that has experience in security, integrity and a factory setting to help accommodate placement.

Ultimately this all means that MEM can meet your needs for true, high-quality elevators designed well with your needs in mind and fantastic looking elevator interiors that are extremely durable and will help deter vandalism. If you have a parking garage project or elevator in a high traffic area that may need a tough alternative just click the button below and let us walk you through our process and get you started today. You will soon see why MEM is the best elevator for any job between two and seven stories. Quality elevators taking you to a higher level.

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