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Wheelchair Lifts Accessibility to Consider

Wheelchair lifts provide accessibility to consider. 1990 seems like a long time ago. Think back to visiting the mall to see a brand new store…Bath & Body Works. You drove there in your sparkling new Saturn Ion while listening to Sinead O’Connor or MC Hammer on the radio. You are that old and so am I. So, when we think of accessibility we tend to believe the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ended any problems right? After all it has been thirty odd years.

But just passing a needed law did not and will not make the problem go away.

Buildings Still Lack Access

For lots of reasons several buildings were exempted from the new rules and also, despite new architectural designs to increase accessibility, there are on going issues. So now maybe time to tackle those concerns. For new projects you may want to consider something other than an elevator. They can be quite costly, not only in the initial investment, but continuing maintenance as well.

Also, older buildings that were once exempted, may want to re-examine possibilities, now that a plethora of solutions now exist. One of those solutions is an easy to use and cost effective wheelchair lift. It solves several problems for significantly less and does not detract from the overall aesthetic of the building.

TLShield installed commercial wheelchair lifts provide a safe and convenient way for people with disabilities or limited mobility to access nearly any building. They are in schools, churches, office buildings and other commercial spaces. Anywhere the public needs access, our ADA lifts are in use. Each meets all local, state and national codes and guidelines.

But more importantly they are designed to give people access they deserve. If your business, organization or work place is in the people business, and there are barriers like steps, you should consider the option of a wheelchair lift.

We are Getting Old

This is especially true as our nation ages. The projection is that a full 20% of our population will be over 65 years of age by 2030 by the US Census Bureau. That is a jump from the current 56 million to over 73 million in just a handful of years.

So now is the time to consider options and that is what we are all about.

TLShield provides almost every form of vertical transportation. We install and service commercial quality elevators, limited use elevators, stairlifts, wheelchair lifts and even dumbwaiters. We are experts and will meet with you to help you consider all the options and assist you in deciding which is best.

With wheelchair lifts accessibility is now possible for many. So, if you are wanting to improve access step out of the 1990’s and into a future a making accessibility a reality. Feel free to contact us for a consultation. If you are an architect, general contractor or commercial building owner click the Professional Consultation button below.

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