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Introducing New Line of Residential Elevators

Residential Elevators A Brand New Line – TL Shield and Associates has been manufacturing and installing residential elevators for decades. Many of you probably know during that time our home elevator was known as the Stellar-Vator. But, now TL Shield is introducing a brand new line of vertical transportation options for the home. That line of residential products includes the TLS Classic, TLS Plus+, and TLS Premium.

All three have benefits and improvements that will keep TL Shield and Associates the number one residential elevator manufacturer in Southern California.

Why The Change?

The new residential elevator line was created for a few important purposes. These purposes should be considered whether you are the homeowner, a general contractor, architect, designer or developer. First, as with all things, it is a great idea to keep up with technological changes and advances in the industry. With the new line of residential elevators each model will contain the very best of the latest technology. You will find improvements in safety and performance setting the TLS line apart.

Just one sample of our new home or residential elevator line. This is the TLS Plus+ model.

Style is important when it comes to your home and our elevators reflect that.”

Also, when it comes to home elevators it is important to stay current with design options. Often times these are more than just superficial hardware upgrades but new exciting materials that have been improved for looks and quality. We make sure the packages we offer fit in seamlessly with modern and current fresh designs. Our latest choices in finishes and accessories ensures that your elevator will enhance the home for years to come. Style is important when it comes to your home and our elevators reflect that desire for superior looks.

Lastly, we have found that making a decision on which residential elevator and accessories to buy was cumbersome to say the least. Often the customer was confused by options. Many of those choices were not important. And sometimes adding just one specialty feature could drive the final price too high. We decided to improve our customer service by eliminating confusing, complex combinations. Instead we increased simplicity in bundling features that experience has taught us are most important. It gives you the best options without reducing the flexibility you deserve.

Easy to Compare

Ultimately, the new TL Shield product line makes it easy to compare your options. This makes it easy find exactly what you desire. We have improved the process significantly and made it even easy enough to have a simple single comparison sheet. Feel free to look at the various options and then contact us for a consultation.

Options To Fit You

So if you need a home elevator for a new or existing structure, choose the best and most reputable residential elevator manufacturer in Southern California. TL Shield and Associates is the wisest choice. Rest assured whether you decide on the TLS Classic, TLS Plus+ or TLS Premium you will get a quality. That means both product and installation services.

Our process is designed to be easy for both construction professionals and homeowners. It all begins with a request for a consultation. We then contact you and provide all the answers you need.

Construction Professionals

As a construction professional you know many of the pitfalls of residential elevators. To reduce issues, we meet with you at your convenience to discuss the needs of the project you have in mind. We will go over specification and drawings in detail as well as our various models and features. After the discussion we will provide an assessment and pricing to help you make an informed decision. Whether you need a single unit or a package for several homes we can work with you. Our support staff will be with you every step of the way providing updates and valuable information.


For the homeowner, the consultation begins in your home to assess placement of the unit. We will answer any of your questions and go over all of the styles, features and accessories. In detail we will go over all the aspects of the build and installation. This includes pricing, timeline, requirements for the construction process and the scope of work for everyone involved in the project.

It all starts with you contacting us and you ending up with a high-quality stylish elevator for your home or home construction project.

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