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Elevator Installers Needed

Elevator installers and technicians need to know more than how to turn a wrench. As you all know, Modular Elevator Manufacturing (MEM) is now nationwide, so we are looking for the right kind of knowledgeable people with the desire for growth. We are lining up work across the United States and in Canada and it is opening up opportunities for businesses and individuals in the elevator industry.

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There are two ways you can be a part of the ever-growing field of modular elevators:

  1. We need qualified elevator installers / technicians that are willing to setup and startup of our modular elevators onsite. The benefits include you or your team learning about the up and coming modular elevator business first hand, having the maintenance contract on the new unit you got ready to go and of course being paid for the work conducted. Now is the time to get on board.
  2. If you would like to grow your elevator maintenance business by representing MEM, you can assist us in spreading the word about the ease of modular elevators and how they can help in the building process. You get to expand your business into commercial quality modular elevators, build your book of service customers and more. We provide all the support!

It starts with filling out this simple questionnaire. We just need to know you are a licensed elevator technician, the jurisdictions you work in and your contact information. From there we will speak to you about any future opportunities.


As an overview, we will provide you with information you need to setup and startup an MEM product. We will also help you with knowing your time commitment to any project you bid and give you in person support as needed. Note we do not say install the elevator, but setup and start up. This is due to the traditional elevator installation takes place in the factory. The hoistway is completely wired, with doors, rails and even the cab installed when it arrives. That means there is significantly less time invested in each project. For a quick look at how fast a set can go, click the button below. Generally a fully installed elevator can be set in a couple hours.

Most importantly know that we are looking for a long-term relationship that we can build on together. We have a solid, high-quality product, unlike other modular elevator companies. The result is we are looking for solid, high-quality people to join with us.

As you understand, there can be a significant lag time between the quote and getting the job. But you will won’t have the future opportunity if you don’t get start today.

Go to this page for more information and for general expectations. If you already know of a project that might be a good fit, let us know by clicking the Fast Track Button below. We will supply you with pricing in 24 hours so you can provide it to your potential customer. Otherwise click below and fill out the simple application today.

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