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Hoistway with the Elevator Pre-Installed

Our product comes with the elevator pre-installed in the hoistway. It arrives as a unit lowered into place in less than four hours. However, sometimes there is confusion over what is included when you go with an MEM elevator. Below find out all the surprising components that come with our elevators and see photos of our latest project.

NAVI G8 Shows What Pre-Installed Means

Affordable housing is of course a great fit for Modular Elevator Manufacturing. MEM elevators are a huge time saver, greener and the highest-quality modular elevator available, engineered from our elevator experts. But, everyone already knows that, what is sometimes missing is what is included in the elevator.

So you can see what comes with an MEM elevator this month we dive deeper into the colorful and cutting-edge Navi G8 project that has just been completed. So look at the photos and read on to see what you get with your MEM, the best solution for all low and mid rise projects.

Pre-Installed – Fully Installed

One of the big things you get is flexibility. The elevator in this case is inside the building. You have the flexibility of placement inside or out, as you can see from the various photographs. Never be confused, MEM elevators can be placed nearly anywhere in your structure.

Flexibility also means either new construction or retrofit is no problem. This project was new construction and modular as well. But that does not mean all our projects are new and modular. We also provide retrofit solutions. We have a high-quality commercial elevator for almost any type of structure.

Lastly, you decide when they are placed. Talk about flexibility!

Regardless of the building you get all of the following:

  • Hoistway or shaft – That may sound like a no brainer, but we explain this a lot especially when we are being compared to convention elevators. Because we supply the hoistway, it is always plumb and level.
  • Drawings – For your convenience we will create all the drawing you need as well as the engineering. You can even take a look at our standard drawings online.
  • Wiring – The elevator arrives with all the wires already in place they just need landing. That means they are installed in a factory setting more efficiently.
  • Hall calls – That’s what we call the elevator buttons in the lobby and at each floor. Our elevators come with these already installed on the door frame.
  • Elevator doors – There are doors on the elevator car and doors on the hoistway at each floor. You can order them in almost any color of the rainbow if you want. Stainless steel is just the most popular look.
  • A finished elevator car – The elevator car is tough Galvanneal, the preferred material for elevator cars. You can have any laminate you desire or a metal surface. Also, the panel and buttons can match any design and we even have vandal resistant models.
  • Cab lighting – With NAVI G8 they opted for a standard drop ceiling. However, you can have any range of options including recessed LEDs and more.
  • Machine room components – Everything that makes your elevator go up and down is included in the price excluding hydraulic fluid. That means the tank to the control unit are included whether you need a modular machine room or have a space on site.

You just have to supply the pit according to the drawings, necessary stub ups and a crane. We do the rest.

The Elevator Pre-Installed Means Quality

As you can see by the photos our pre-installed elevator looks just like a conventional elevator. That’s because it is. MEM elevators are conventional elevators installed unconventionally. But, the one component that I didn’t mention is that we are true elevator experts. So with every elevator we produce comes experience second to none.

That experience cuts time off the project and makes the planning to final start up easy for you and your staff. That provides an overall cost savings.

To find how we can be a solution for you, click the button below for a live virtual tour where you can see the components going into place. You can also request a Fast Track number. So, try us out and put us to work for you. MEM – Quality Elevators taking you to a higher level.


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