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TL Shield Installs Modular Elevators

TL Shield is know in the Southern California area as the best provider of home elevators, wheelchair lifts and stair lifts. But many people do not know that TL Shield installs Modular Elevators as well. As vertical transportation experts with over 25 years of experience they have teams of quality technicians that are ready to install nearly any option that moves you up and down.

This was seen in their latest quality modular elevator installation at Newhart Middle School/Mission Viejo, CA. TL Shield installed an innovative modular elevator to perfection. As you can see, the project looks great. It went in faster for the school with no disruption to classes and embracing their movement towards innovation in what they teach and how they teach it.

If you would like to see more about this project or others like it, just let us know. We will meet with you regardless of what type of vertical transportation you need. We are experts that are willing to help. You can also schedule an in person visit by completing the form below.

For more great photos of the project, visit our good friends at Miller Construction. Their team did a great job as well!

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